im alive.

just to let you know. i am still alive, it seems i lost the keyboard that i usually use to type this blog, but do not be alarmed  i found it. so here i am back to typing. 

hmm and just to let you l know i had pictures to share but alas my camera decided it didn’t want to sit on the back of the toilet and decided to take a plunge onto the floor, making the back fly open exposing the film. who knows something might turn up on the roll. 

wow am i up that early i just went to walgeens and it seems im up before the store was open. i guess zombies do roam the earth.

i found these on the roll…

 i dont know what he is doing. or watching i do see someone’s foot in the right side of the frame.


the little girl named chloe…

laying in the grass.

and a suv with no wheels on, sitting on crates. 

i thought that last picture was pretty funny…

and thats about it. 

maybe ill be back to post something else soon…


summer is rearing its ugly head here. 108 today says my widget.

hope its cooler wherever you are .


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