newer photos

i have been trying to get back into the swing of things and have started taking photos again.

here are some stuffs…

here is one of talia, this was from a awhile ago. im trying to get through these tons of rolls i have sitting on my shelf. 

this was during the winter time, at the skatepark. 


terri my little sister.


mom and chloe on the swings. 


reese, sometimes i think he gets scared to go out and skate with all the other kids. i know i do. 


after the skatepark we went to mcdonalds. saw him bring in his own coffee cup and ordered a ice cream cone. 


look at it big. click


the pics above were taken with the yashica t4 zoom on the cheap film.

dinner sitting at the table…

the clouds looked awesome…the air smelled like rain. but nothing, just alot of wind. 


mom and chloe getting ready for mothers day. we had a get together at our place, breakfast for the moms. 


casa grande ruins.  went for a work field trip. it was hot about 106. 


on our field trip we ended up in casa grande. near food city which used to be a bashas. 


some airplanes. loved the trails. 


look at it big. click here


last 5 were on the olympus xa2. 

talia went for a hair cut me and chloe walked to starbucks for coffee… used the yashica t4 for these three. 


i love clouds on film. all the colors look amazing.  even on b&w film. 


dinner… meat, potatoes, and vegetables. 


chloes room and light. crayons and her new DC shoes my brother bought her for her birthday. 


talia asleep. i love watching her sleep. 


at the desk. 

i used the Yashica GT for those 3 shots above. man i cant even remember the last time i saw some shots form that camera. i forgot how beautiful it renders images…

well i hope to be posting more here soon. loving being able to finally post something. 

well hope to see you all around. 

keep on watching. 




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