Digital shots, and thoughts….

So the blog has really really slowed down, mostly because of facebook. It always seems easier than typing out a huge blog, Even though i should. This place used to be a outlet for me as place to ramble on about whatever i felt like talking about, I do miss that but as i said things change. maybe i will get back into writing here. who knows…

Most of the time its home and work, spending time with chloe and talia. Work is work, not much changes, the days are filled with coffee and trying to meet deadlines. Home life is something totally Different, Chloe is getting bigger, her own personality is shining through every single day. Expressions on her face are always telling of her affection and even her displeasure in us. Nothing could have prepared me for this chapter in my life. No book or experience from other fathers life could have prepared me. Yes it is tiring but so rewarding and fun every single day. Talia on the other hand feels most of these things. Im glad Talia is there with chloe each and every single day. Even though i know Talia misses being Talia at times. I know she wouldn’t trade it for anything. And neither would i.

in other news There have not been any real photos or design work as of late, mostly just random images that i seem to capture. Film is sitting at the developers waiting for me to go and pick it up. its been about a month now. i dropped off about 10 rolls of B&W…

here is some stuff that i have been taking. most of this stuff is on my flickr already.
for awhile i was using works digital to take photos. i think i was getting used to it until our 45mm lens broke. so now its back to film.

i have been trying to take pictures of the community, trying to pick up the randomness of the reservation.



Out on the reservation there are food stands selling frybread and other food. i love how they have a little trailer set up for there stand. most people just set up a tent and sell under it. so these people have a awesome set up!



on fridays they usually have little stands that people set up and sell goods kinda like a swapmeet.



i am been taking alot of landscape shots for whatever reason. one Friday i thought this would make a good photo. i asked talia to turn around so i could take it. she said no… so the next week i stopped and took it.



my mom would always drag me and my brother and sister to goodwill stores when we were small. Now when i see one i get all excited to go in. she walked through my frame as i fired. She stopped right in front of me and looked at the shoes, not knowing i took the shot. 



i cant believe how many shoes there are in these stores. 



this sign just made me laugh. 



It always amazes me all the trash people throw away in the desert, tires, couches, tv’s all kinds of stuff. During World War Japanese citizens were rounded up and put in camps around the United States. To the left of the photo are concrete slabs where buildings once stood that housed these people. Up on the mountain is a memorial to the citizens who stayed in the camp. 

Here is more information on the camps.



this is a old catholic church out here on the reservation. People used to say this place was haunted. I dont think so.  Talia’s grandparents were married in this church. Now all that is left is the four corners. some color. 



nothing but tagging covers the walls now.  I honestly think things like this should be saved so future generations can have some kinda idea what religion was like before and how it affected the community. There are more churches in the same state as this one scattered around the community. 



been spending lots of time at the skatepark. 

can you see the pixels… sometimes i hate digital…






someone got hurt. sliced his hand on a rail…




and last but not least. A blog entry is not a blog entry without a picture of this girl. 



3 thoughts on “Digital shots, and thoughts….

  1. I’m having the same problem. Facebook is just too easy.

    Your girl is so lovely. It’s good you are taking moments to appreciate this time in her life. It goes by so quickly. But I get what Talia is feeling, too.

    We had Japanese Internment Camps up here, as well. One of the dark periods in our Canadian history. That and the residential schools. Not something to be proud of, but not something to be forgotten, either.

  2. Hi beth! long time no hear!
    thank you for the comment on the little one. she is a lovely little girl. she keeps mine and talia busy, but so worth it.

    i agree on the internment camps. i wish there was a way for the camps to be turned into a memorial here on the reservation. right now its just dirt roads and a climb up the mountain to get to the memorial which is tagged and nothing of a memorial.

  3. You always give us something worth thinking about, Jimmy. Don’t give up the blog entirely or link to it from Fb (do you do that already?).
    Years ago Marina did a report on a temporary “internment” camp that was in the Mayer/Humboldt area, not far from Prescott, used to collect people before permanently settling them in one of the permanent camps. It was completely rascist and unnecessary. The government didn’t intern people of German heritage during WWI and WWII- it would have been millions, not a few thousand.
    You mentioned the “randomness” of the images on the Reservation. It is odd to see a food stand or a display of carpets just standing alone in the landscape with no other point of reference. Very surreal.
    The discarded items, whether sofas, churches or internment camps do affect me.
    And,as always, Chloe’s sweet face is reminder of a far more pleasant reality.

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