Arizona State Fair

This weekend we went to the State Fair. I haven’t been able to attend for about two or three years. I always think its a hassle to go but in the end i always love it so many photo opportunities always seem to present themselves.

im still playing with digital, though our 14-45mm lens broke on our olympus e-500 so i was without a camera for awhile. Though i have been playing with the new canon powershot s90, its a pretty decent point and shoot has a lens that stops down to 2.0 pretty awesome if you ask me. I was able to use it at the fair without it going blurry much.

here are some of the photos from said camera.

i shot this when i was shooting the corn dogs, guy said here you go and held up corn dog.

i  shot it through the glass, as you can see reflection on his shirt. I think it came out pretty awesome.

he asked me for a copy, first time i ever got asked that. told him to give me a address or something,

he didnt have one i gave him my business card and told him to call me.

looks pretty impressive large and on black.

larger and on black

airbrush shirts. they always remind me of the 90’s… he looked excited though.

funnel cakes… i have never tried or even know what they look like. but people seem to love them,

well people i talk too anyways i guess it isnt really shown any love in the photo.

i aimed the camera at him he says IM ON MY BREAK!, i said thats cool…

he didnt sound angry or anything which suprised me. i took the photo, then said thanx. and he nodded. decided to convert to black and white. the fluorescent lights really killed the image.

well thats it for now. as always ill see you later and keep checking back for more. i still have like 10 rolls of film at the camera store… man i need to pick those up.


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