Gila River Hotel And Casino Opening…

my days sometimes are filled with sitting at a desk or other days out in the public, this week has been a busy one.  It has been two days of setting up a booth at different areas on the reservation. thursday was a booth at a opening of a new building.  Today the community schools go down to the main tribal building sing and get candy from the different departments.  we always set up a booth and hand out candy and have parents do a survey for a prize.  well after the event we headed to the new casino and hotel grand opening.

I always find the casino life interesting, i spent maybe 4 or 5 months working at a casino, working as a beverage server, serving drinks to patrons on the floor. walking around saying “coffee, soda?” from 12 midnight to 8 the next morning.  you see all kinds of things while working in a casino. the same people night after night, the crazy people causing trouble. or just the people there to have fun. I always remember the people that were addicted to gambling they would come in night after night. its a interesting opportunity to see people in there highest and lowest points… over money.

i dont frequent casinos much. i’m to cheap to gamble all my money away, i stop when i’m a couple bucks ahead. but i have gambled before and do have fun while doing it.

the times i have gone to openings or to the casino in general i always try to sneak in my camera and sometimes i make it, while other times i get to the door i hear security say “there is no photography in the casino”. but the times i do make it in i feel i get some amazing stuff.  maybe because i know cameras are watching me or the patrons are to busy to notice my presence.  well today i snuck in the canon powershot s90 from work that i have been playing with.

and i can say i was pretty damn impressed by it’s capability to handle the different light changes… i dont shoot like crazy while in there as i said i have to watch for security wandering the floor as well as other techs, and the cameras up above… i was only able to snap a couple…


here is some old cowboy sitting at the machines i like the guy on the left of the frame. i should have been aiming for him instead.

or had it on the wide option that camera offers. the casino usually on opening day gives the community members first dibs at the machines before the general public.



View On Black


machines…sitting lonely… im sure later tonight they will be put to use.



View On Black

i love the views on black, brings things out more.


there is some things that i just happen upon. this was one of those times. walking behind my coworkers, trying to find that one shot.

i saw him sitting there with the light bouncing off the machine onto his face. seeing the wrinkles on that face. i turned around, changed the focal length to 50mm and turned around fast framed and pressed the shutter. he just sat there even when the red light came on and focused. he didnt take his face off the machine the whole time

i love this frame, i might have to print and frame for myself.

i think this frame just made my month.



View On Black

view it bigger… its so worth it.

well hopefully you enjoyed this little post. i hopefully will have more pics from halloween sometime this weekend…

And while your out don’t forget your pillow case for candy!



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