A Little Update.

Well Hello there. Its been awhile.

Well alot has happened since that last post, I turned 30 which was awesome though I to be honest didn’t even make a dent in my “Things to do before I turn 30” list. Which is and was pretty heart breaking. But I’m reevaluating it and trying to make the changes in my life.

Also on april fools day i was hit on my bike while going to work. I have still have not looked at the bike to see if there is any real damage, my wheels were bent and basket bent. Im hoping that one day he will be ready to ride again. To be honest with you It really but a damper on my bike riding. Yes I have other bikes to ride but some part of me really doesn’t want to ride. I have a little bit of fear as well as just missing my go to bike. I know i just need to go out and ride but sometimes it feels like to much to do.

I think alot of things have taken a back seat for whatever reason I take less photos, I ride less, Im not sure why it just seems like things are getting out of hand in my little head. Maybe I need a vacation who knows. It would be nice actually. I don’t know we will see…

I also purchased a Yashicamat 124g for my birthday I have only shot one roll of film with it but i do love it. I have been trying different films with the camera with pretty cool results. Experimentation still is required though.

Here is a pic of my boss… I have been just trying to get a feel for the camera. I am loving what i get from the lens. Probably not the most flattering image but i don’t care i like the DOF.

My coworker Clarice. I think there is a slight light leak somewhere. We will see with the next roll.

Wide open handheld. I was taking photos inside trying to get a feel for the camera. I love taking photos of Talia even though to be honest they dont always come out the way i want them to. Im sure one day i will get it right.

And of course the mirror shot… I think this was the first from the roll If i am not mistaken.

I don’t know how it ended up last.

and a railroad photo.  I think this was a pretty good test of the DOF on the camera. Hopefully this will make some good portraits.  We will see. 🙂

And i hope all is well whoever is reading this.


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