When was the last time I wrote here?

Things have been definitely been different in my neck of the woods. Last September we moved to the Tempe area. Which has been pretty good so far, we had been in the same apartment complex since we were married so it was a time for a change, plus the apartment we were living in had this habit of getting super hot in the summer. (note to those reading) One should not get a apartment with 4 windows that have super thin glass and were the patio faces the west during the hottest part of the day, well at least in Arizona.

The move was easy enough, hot but easy. Took about a week for us to get out of there. It was also the time where I really messed up my back I was doing alot of the moving myself and in the process I really messed up my lower back. To the point I couldn’t get out of bed, and it has been hurting ever sense.

I also started commuting again by bicycle. Its been hard but ok trying to get back in the groove of actually riding again. I missed it, And it has really helped my back out. I think the exercise has helped immensely. Still have some pain but not as bad as it was before. Another reason for me to ride. The distance is also the same as before so thats awesome.

I have been trying to get used to a different bicycle though. Over the summer I bought a 1980 Trek 412, it needed work but stuff I could do myself, just needed the money and time. The cool thing is that I was able to determine that it was born in march of 1980 as you know my birthday is in February of 1980 so I think thats awesome! I like it but I do miss my 3 speed, This bike is more of a race bike with drop bars totally different setup than what I had. It is light, fast, responsive everything one would want from a race bike. I bought some fenders that I have not put on yet, I keep trying to put them on but the rubbing on the tire is a problem. I still need to figure it out.

Other than that life has been pretty good.

here is the Trek on the first week of commuting. The head-badge paint was already almost gone so I used steel wool to get rid of the paint and left the brass.I love the patina that is developing.



My bell and wrist band from Tour De Fat. My bell has met a untimely demise. the little plastic lever broke off. Just my luck the bell broke when i needed it almost ran into someone the other day felt so bad.



Im loving these bike paths in Tempe, though I do miss the neighborhoods I was traveling through.



here is the canal that goes through Tempe goes east to west 6 miles worth of bike canal to ride! from the canal it branches out to

bike paths long the main roads.



Well thats it for now. I want to get in the habit of writing again. So expect something soon. I should write a review about the Tour De fat this summer.


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