So to round off my Birthday week, I forgot to mention it was my Birthday Tuesday. It was a awesome week, had dinner at our place with my family Tuesday and Tiphanie’s art show Friday. And then finally to end the week Interpol with School of Seven Bells opening for them at the Marquee theatre here in Tempe.

They usually don’t let me take any big cameras in to the shows so I always end up taking a point and shoot. I decided to take works Canon S90 I was hoping it could handle the show pretty good. And it did. I was pleased thought it did have it’s limits.

Here are some photos from the show. One of these days I hope I can get one of those cool passes that lets me take photos at the front.

School of Seven Bells. I really enjoyed there set. I need to go pick up there cd’s.


Alejandra Deheza


Alejandra Deheza

Benjamin Curtis


Here is my Interpol shots.

I really like this one.














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