Atmosphere Show At The Rialto Theatre

Back in April I was able to make down to Tucson to see Atmosphere with my friends Tiphanie, Mike, and Arik. It was on a work day so I took part of the day off and rode down with them. For some odd reason I aways think of Tucson being super far away but it really isn’t. From Phoenix to Tucson probably like a 2 hour trip. so not far at all.

I have never been to the Rialto before and I really liked the place. Basically it was a old theatre now used for different shows. Totally a good place for a show. Though the crowd was totally different than a Phoenix crowd which was weird but hey I was in Tucson. Maybe I just expect to get more pushed around at a Phoenix event.

I ended up taking the Canon S90 to the event since it preformed so well at the Interpol show. I took alot of photos that I didn’t end up uploading for whatever reason. Alot of Tucson kids, but whatever.

My friend Tiphanie who invited me to the show and even bought me a ticket!

Love her!

These are my friends that invited me along on there awesome road trip.

Mike, Tiph, Arik.

They are some cool people.

Tiphanie & Mike

I like this shot alot.

Another one I like.

This one is funny me thinks. Bathroom line.

Slug standing looking over the crowd.

Another Slug shot

Love this one!

Well thats it for now. Might have some more family shots to upload in awhile. Who knows.

See you next time.


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