Shooting With The Ricoh GRD III

The last post was awhile ago I guess its time for a new one. I have been keeping busy playing with my new camera. I bought a Ricoh GRD III about 2 months ago and my time has been spent learning how to use the camera. I find the camera a nice and decent point and shoot capable of capturing some decent photos. It has been a learning curve for me to be honest as I am so used to shooting film, then to switch over to a digital camera, at times it can be weird, but I am enjoying the learning experience.

I have not really gone out on the street and actually shot, most of the photos have been snapshots here and there mostly at home and when I am out and about.

hopefully I can take the camera on a real excursion sometime soon.

here are some shots I have made currently.

I have been playing with the square format/cross process feature in the camera. Its fun reminds me of a digital holga.

Morning Work Coffee

My Canonet QL17 GIII

the macro setting is amazing.

I really like this one.

Seeley the dog

Power Lines

I have been mostly using the Ricoh for Black & White images, funny even with digital I still need that Black & White. I think the macro on the Ricoh is really amazing. it really brings out the small things.

My Brother Playing Records.

another of him.

Random Shooting

really really love this one.

Well this is it for now, Hopefully I will be keeping this more updated since I will have more to show.


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