My Mother.

I always end up taking images my mom doesn’t like, and those images always end up being photos of her doing everyday things. Photos I find interesting. I think she wants me to sit her down break out with a portrait studio and take decent photos of her. Either way I still love these photos of her.

Yes in the photo her hair isn’t perfect, the day is worn on her. But for this moment I saw her doing what she always did for us when I was a kid, preparing my dinner. Now not only for me but my daughter and my wife. She still loves doing this even though she has had so many life changing ailments in the last two years. I find that amazing and Im grateful for her.

So here I am watching her pick the old leaves carefully off the head of lettuce as im reflecting on my mom and my past then BAM! Lettuce smashed on the table. she scared the crap out of me, and thats all I could think about after that.