Renewing The Blog.

Im not sure how I should start this as Im currently trying to get back into using wordpress. I have been using tumblr for about a month now but for some odd reason it feels too different, don’t get me wrong there are some features that I really like about it. But it just feels like Im being fed too much information. This is probably just me though. I could go on and on about how much I like one vs the other but Im sure if your really interested you can make your own choice.

Honestly the reason I started to drift away from wordpress is it just seemed like too much work. I know I always didn’t have content to share and it just seemed really stagnant. But I’m going to try and change that.

Now on to other things. As I said in the previous post I have been using my Ricoh over the summer and it has served me well. I find that I really do love the camera, My photos seem to come more easier than with any other digital I have used. To be honest I was unsure if I really was going to like the camera it was a learning curve to be honest and just didn’t feel right in the beginning. But now I’m using it on a regular basis. Which brings up another thing over the last couple of months I really have felt I have been neglecting film. So I have been using my Canonet, Olympus xa2, and my yashicamat a little bit more. If anything the Ricoh has me shooting more colour. Which has been really different but in a good way. Well I should get to posting some images.

Here is my coworkers sister named Danni. She is a really nice girl. In the beginning I was a little scared of her but I have really grown fond of her. She runs a grill on our community inside our tribal Governance Center. As you can see she didn’t want her picture taken. I know these are not the best images But I like them for whatever reason.

I was fortunate enough to visit Chloe on Dad’s Day. It was my first time attending one of these. we had snacks, her class sang us dad’s songs. it was awesome. This is probably one of the only frames that really turned out the way I wanted it too. I love it.

Here is where I will switch to photos I have taken with the Ricoh. As I said I have been using more colour as of late. Here is some of it. I saw these in the trash I thought it was funny that they would miss someone so much then throw the balloons away right after.

Food images are always a good thing. I always forget that this place has teriyaki bowls near my office.

Time to go home at 5:09PM

I really enjoyed the composition of this frame. My coworkers legs and shoes.

This bookstore is located right around the corner where Chloe takes her ballet classes.

It reminds me of the bookstore in the never ending story.

I was asked by my friend Mihio Manus to go and assist him for a photo shoot. We went to a old greyhound race track now abandoned. It was a bit Eerie in some places. When the sun was setting bats were flying out the building.

Someone had torn out all the chairs and threw them in the center of the place.

What was left.

And to carry on with the whole dead and eerie theme we have going on. Here is a sign we had seen in North Phoenix. It made me laugh.

And finally this poor little bird. We went to have lunch in downtown chandler with some of my family. My brother had shown me this bird. The bird must have flew into one of the windows on the new city hall building.

I really fell in love with the coloring on the breast and belly. I wanted to take it home and keep it mostly because it seemed sad just to leave something that colorful and beautiful laying on the cement to be picked apart by the ants.


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