Dreams of my father

I had originally posted this to my tumblr account, Im in the process of putting things back here. 

Last night I dreamt about my dad.

It’s been some time since I actually dreamt about him.

We were driving in the place I grew up on the reservation. I remember sitting in the passenger seat the windows were down, I’m looking out the window then I turn to him and see him in his blue mechanic work shirt, I smell the oil and grease coming from him. We were out test-driving a car my dad was working on. I remember this car going incredibly fast. It even had some type of system in it that made it fly. He flew the car in front of another car accidently cutting it off. They called the police and next thing I know we are being stopped; we didn’t fly away because we used up all the fuel to fly. So my dad being the lucky character that he was he talks his way out of the ticket and begins showing the officer the engine.

In the next moment everything is fading away and I find myself not in the dream world no longer. I laid by Talia with tears in my eyes, wiped them away then went back to sleep.


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