The small Details.

Most of the images I take are nothing more than everyday things I come across that I find interesting. I think alot of people ask themselves why would he take a picture of that? It makes no sense. But I think we can find something interesting in even the littlest and simple things.

I had gone to lunch by myself and I loved the way the light hit the table the dark gray and then the contrast of the orange on the table. But with all that stuff going on I really love the typefaces they use on the package.

This is another frame from the abandoned dog track. I was playing with the ricoh’s cross process feature as well as shooting in a square format.

My mother lives in a older home and when a dust storm usually comes it makes its way in the house.

I went to visit my brother and then we had hid out in the far bedroom. After the storm we went outside to see what it looked like. This was after it had passed us by.

all the space on the couch and she decides to use mom as a pillow.

Darrell also known as “UD” or Uncle Darrell, Or to Talia as her BFF.

The Look of stranger DANGER. I liked her expression even though she looked frightened.

This guy lives right by the office.