Chloe my daughter

I can’t help but snap photos of her every chance I can get. Honestly I feel bad for her cause I always have a camera and I’m always saying chloe stop wait let me take a photo. She usually says no and takes of in the other direction. Most times I end up having to bribe her.

Every time I ask her to stop I’m always reminded of my father. He was around 18 or 19 when he had me and at that time he was really into photography, so when I was a baby he always took photos of me. He took photos up until I was a toddler then he had to get a job and he stopped. Those photos that he took and developed are some of my prized possessions. knowing that my father took, developed, and printed those photos amazes me.

Times have changed, Im taking photos of Chloe going to my computer downloading the shots, picking my best prints, opening photoshop and doing final edits. I have been trying to appreciate digital for what it is, that even though it is pixels, those feelings and emotions that I felt can be put in those digital photos. So I am hoping that one day Chloe looks back and sees that this photo or any other photo I took of her is more than just pixels but a moment that I felt something more.



Just to let you know I told her if she didn’t stop and let me take a photo we would go inside. Mean I know.


2 thoughts on “Chloe my daughter

  1. My daughter can also relate to yours. Poor thing always has a camera shoved in her face, but oh the images she will have of her childhood 🙂

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