Foo Fighters Concert

So Talia had bought me and Darrell tickets on Fathers Day earlier this year to see the Foo Fighters. Last night was the show and it was awesome.

The last time I saw Foo Fighters was years ago, they opened up for Rage Against the Machine in Tempe. I had bought a single ticket and got dropped off at the show. My little brother was into all kinds of music and he had their first album on tape. I just threw it in one day and ever since then have been hooked.

Last night I took my camera with me I was actually surprised they let me in with it. A lot of the frames were junk but this one stuck out to me. I love how Dave is all alone with his acoustic guitar and the one spot light shining down on him.

Also Here is some friends totally drunk it made me and Darrell laugh cause one friend goes to the other “You’re the only one I can sing this song too” this picture is totally rock and roll.


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