Lonely Ballerina

I have had this photo sitting on my desktop for months. I wasn’t really sure if I wanted to upload this. I like it but Im not sure if it was just a shot that didn’t work for me for whatever reason.

I went to Ballet class with Chloe & Talia early one Saturday morning. and honestly I tend to freak out when there is alot of screaming and yelling going on. It was so crowded in that room. students going in class others leaving. It was a sea of little girls in ballet tights. I remember thinking ohh my God there is so many of them. Dont leave me talia. you can make her out to the right going in the dressing room.

The reason I really liked this photo is because of the lone little girl standing there. In the sea of parents and kids she was just standing there waiting for her parents. For that reason I like it, Its a simple shot. with so much going on.