Make a joyful noise unto the LORD, all ye lands.

We had gone to church with my mom one Sunday, we have been friends with the pastor and his family for years. I always find it a bit weird going back to a church that I have not been in for years. I always notice the song books, pews, how everything and everyone has aged. It honestly makes me sad especially when there are not alot of people going to the church no longer either they have passed on or don’t go no more. I think the small churches have been overrun by the big churches with hundreds of followers and coffee shop’s inside.

I was raised as a baptist and even went to a baptist christian school. Sometimes it makes going to church a hard thing for me to really do. Mostly because it was hard being pressured into believing a certain thing then realizing that it wasn’t all true. Plus there are other things which I don’t talk about for personal reasons.  I still believe in God but religion sometimes as a whole is difficult for me to buy into.  If that makes sense.

One thing I do love is hearing my wife and daughter sing as we sit in the pews. This image evokes so many thoughts in my head about God and religion.


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