Busy life, & random photos

Sometimes its hard for me to keep up with the blog, life ends up taking over. Recently I have been super busy with work trying to finish 2 major projects before the year is up. So photography, personal design projects end up being put on the back burner.

Thats the only bad thing about sitting in front of a computer with photoshop, indesign, and illustrator open. The last thing you want to do is open it again when you get home.

Here is another photo of Danni in her office. I like how her eyes are gazing over the piece of paper at me, I think she was yelling at me not to take photos of her.

My coworker recently purchased a 70’s Mercedes Benz. I fell in love with the stereo.

This time of year in the valley the clouds fill the sky.

And last but not least you see some funny stuff at the truck stop.


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