Phoenix Downtown Pie Social

The day’s here in the valley have been overcast, rainy, filled with things to do, perfect. The only bad thing is the weekends are way to short. Even now I’m sitting her with all the windows open hearing birds and kids play outside.

Yesterday we spent the day hanging out at the Phoenix Downtown Pie Social with Tiphanie & Mike and met some other cool people they are also friends of Tiph & Mike, Mike & Brooke If i remember correctly. We attempted to go to last years Pie Social but for whatever reason we were not able to make it.

The plan is you pay $10 bucks for a taste of 5 pies. To be honest I was thinking that wasn’t going to be enough. But to be honest I was wrong, It was plenty. Even had to give tickets away cause it was to much. So once we got our tickets we surveyed the pie area, got a idea of the pies we were going to try and went for it. Im lucky I had my camera to document the event cause everything was a blur. All I know is I was filled with a sugar high that one could not believe. Thank goodness for free water and milk. Coffee would have been nice, but alas no such luck. It took me back to those days of being a kid and all you survive on is sugar. I have to admit though the comedown was not as easy, I was so tired and so hungover from pie last night. I woke up this morning wondering what happened the night before. Talia tells me I was snoring and falling asleep all over the house.

All I know is in the end pie is ever so amazing, and consuming mass amount of pie will leave you hungover and totally unaware of what you did the night before. I honestly cannot wait for next year. Here is my photos.

Tiphanie’s work area. I love seeing all the color of her home.

Round 1, actually round 2 I had this chocolate whip cream thingy and I forgot a picture.

Apple Ginger Pie. If I’m Correct, I might be wrong I just know taste was amazing. and something else.

Matt & Brooke & Mike. What’s a good way to meet new people?

Consuming mass amounts of pie together!

Round 2

This is some kind of pecan pie and the second one is a apple, Carmel pie?  third is a chocolate & bacon pie. I did not eat the bacon pie, I feared the bacon pie.

Mike going to attempt the bacon pie. He said it was ok, kinda weird but ok, ok enough to finish the whole thing.

Chloe was a little disappointed, that was until the pumpkin pie showed up. Reminds me of a momma bird feeding her young.

Final Round

The best I had. Apple, Green Chili Pie. Amazing!

After eating our fill and drinking lots of milk and water we went back to Mike and Tiph’s place.

the last 2 pics. Funny I didn’t even take a photo of Talia or Tiph. Next time.

Actually you can see Tiph’s eye by Chloe’s bow.


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