Thoughts On Photos

When I shoot photos I tend to take photos of anything that catches my interest. And those things are usually just random images that happen to cross my path, as I have said they usually have some kind of visual significance to me.  In my head  I end up associating those images with something that I’m feeling or thinking.

Take for instance this Image so many thoughts enter my head.  Was this person really a hippy at a point in there life? and if they were what made them change? do they have a corporate job? Do they drink starbucks?

Then It makes me think of pachouli oil. Pachoui oil reminds me of my mom and how she would have vials of that stuff laying around the house. It smelled in the house.



This image is funny for some odd reason in my head, It makes me think what the hell was the person doing in this toilet? and why  didn’t they have enough courtesy to clean up after themselves. It makes me think people are really gross and weird.



I don’t know what it is about glasses of wine and artists in general. Maybe it’s the allure  or whatever. like it’s supoosed to be super artsy. It always makes me laugh, so I took one. cause I’m super artsy. that was a joke btw.



Even in printed and illustrated form men are drawn to images of seductive looking woman. This image totally received many a view on flickr. This was at the local pizza joint.



In the end I know that photos I take are highly subjective. And that’s is ok with me, I have no problem with it. I know that when I make a image it is for me.

But on the same token if a viewer see’s a image that I have made and can also pull a feeling from that photo. It makes me feel good knowing that I’m not the only one that see’s it that way.


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