Friday Night Fun, ok more like madness

Friday night’s are usually pretty normal around our home. Im a family man so usually I go home cook or decide to go out for dinner, by 9 Chloe is asleep in her bed and we usually end up watching a movie. Well Talia’s mom wanted to take Chloe for the weekend which happens every now and then it gives Talia and me a break from being parents, a break is always nice. We take advantage of this time, usually it is a movie and dinner. But I knew this wasn’t going to happen since Talia is trying to finish her schoolwork before thanksgiving.

Since I knew I was free for the weekend, I wanted to call Darrell and see if he wanted to head over to the bar for a drink with me. I never got around to calling Friday. So I ended up not thinking about it that evening, then Talia said Darrell wanted to hang out with us so we can get some dinner and you guys can have your guy time. Well me and Darrell usually go to this place called the tilted kilt. Look it up online. Mostly because it is within bike riding distance. The bike path runs right down the street from the place so if things get out of hand I know we can ride home without having to deal with a single car. So the only danger is to ourselves. But things really don’t get that bad. better safe than sorry, but as I said Talia was going to be driving and hanging out with us.

Well you know me always with a camera in hand here is a look at our journey.

Super noisy image. I forgot to use the flash.

Talia still doing work.

I thought this Image was a little poignant. He just got done telling us about how the NAVY had messed up his hearing, and at times he can’t really hear anything unless he is yelled at.

ummmm this isn’t the reason we like coming here either. Usually we sit outside we just felt Talia needed the full experience.

Her name was Ashtyn, She was a nice girl, I said thanks for putting up with me and my friend, she said we were no problem she gets more unruly customers.

Well after this photo we left and we wanted to go meet with the tempe bicycle action group since they were having a bike ride that night and this was supposed to be the last spot… they never came. At this point I think we were running on alcohol.

The last shot. Well not really, I took some shots of the people in this place. But they were not good.

What I neglected to mention is that during the night there was some family drama on my side. I was getting phone calls all night but seeing as I could do nothing about it I just decided to have fun and take care of it in the morning. let’s just say being the oldest and having a young brother and sister can be a interesting adventure in itself.

Normally I would be curled up on the floor asleep, and then going for some greasy food and a soda pop. So the next morning I had to go to phoenix then to the reservation. Food and soda would have to wait till later. Well we finished our business and then drove to whataburger with the windows rolled down and music playing loud. It was a gorgeous cloudy day Saturday these were the last 2 frames. Well I took some other frames of other people but this was my adventure so I kept the images basic.

I think in this frame I wanted to see how crappy I looked, and Im probably thinking Fat Tire/Jamesons/PBR do not mix………….

And last but not least my saviour. Always there to take care of me even with all my stupid antics

Lesson to be learned in all this: Im to old to be doing this.


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