Canonet QL17 GIII

Shooting more film and Im slowly making my way through the rolls. I have 3 more rolls I need to pull from to post here from various camera’s. These were shot on my Canonet QL GIII and Im not to sure what film, I really need to pay attention. Im pretty sure it was Portra 400, Lots of random moments and food. Hope you enjoy.

Double Exposure, randomness…I like the randomness of everyday life…


Talia Made Breakfast one morning… Im not a big fan of bacon, but for some odd reason the bacon on the paper made it look especially good.

More food… I ate Talia’s leftovers, a bread bowl thing with cheese and pasta. Bought at Oregenos.

My Kitchen on a Saturday morning. I love the light that comes through the blinds.

Driving in Jetta Jim, yeah we name our car.

Went for coffee across the street wanted to burn some film.

Love the vibe in this little area. So still, you would not know a bar is to the left a bit.

Dress shop. Now closed.

I really like this one even with the lights reflecting off the glass.


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