Living with the Olympus XA2

I love this little camera. I had bought a XA2 when I was actually looking to buy a LOMO LCA, this was some years ago. Instead I ended up with the XA2 if you end up shooting a XA2 its probably cause you wanted a alternative to a LCA. Unless you had one years ago before the whole LOMO craze, I wasn’t so lucky.

Funny I never did get around to getting that LCA, so I  have no experience using a LCA or how the images look, only online. But alot of people say there is a huge difference, but honestly don’t take my word for it. There  also seems to be a bigger following of the XA series cameras in the last couple of years. which is cool. As of now I have had at least three, one I gave to my mom another I still have and another I bought for 5 bucks. And this friday Ill be getting a XA which is the rangefinder version. If your interested in the camera go take a look at which has been a great resource for us XA users and of course the awesome Olympus XA Users Collective on Flickr.

The XA2 is a simple camera to use. You slap film in, choose the film speed on the front, then pick your distance from your subject they are close, far, and way far. And thats it,  simple camera with awesome results. The film I used for these shots were Kodak Ultramax 400 and Kodak Ektar 100

have no idea what this, but I think It looks awesome.

Pigeons. Rats with wings…When I think off pigeons Im also reminded of crusty hippies. You can’t help but love them.

I love this frame. It’s a little abstract chairs. cropped frame of person sitting in chair. The man siting there is actually at the hospital I had met my brother there and right across the hall a older man had brought his wife in after she had fallen. They took her into another room and he sat alone with his head in his hands…

Random cloudy day.

My desk here at work.

I love how we have our rulers organized but not our other stuff. Like Leak after all these years, I finally replaced the light seals this week.

outside the window at home. I love the light that comes in the evening.

The front door to the place.

Fruit is ready to eat.

Summer is coming.

Some shopping carts. I loved all the red.

Chloe in a shopping cart and bored.

Another shopping excursion not from the one above. I thought it was ironic this cowboy was buying a steak. he had the belt buckle, boots and everything.


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