Medium Format Photos

I haven’t really posted any medium format photos taken with the Yashica Mat 124G camera in-awhile. Medium format film is always so expensive to develop but so worth it in the end. Sometimes I just want to shoot 120 film instead of 35mm, but I don’t think I could give it up. I had about 4 rolls laying around, one roll I had shot with my holga was totally destroyed since the back fell off. Here are some frames I really love.

Chloe, I really love this frame.

Here is my mom. Im in love with this photo. Honestly it is probably one of the best I have ever taken.

My mom always says I don’t take good photos of her. This proves her wrong.

Mom and Chloe.

One of Darrell. Think we were listening to music with Talia in the office.

In & Out after church…double burgers….mmmmmm

Nelson Road out on the reservation.

And a self portrait, me and my holga. Only frame that came out on the roll.


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