Tour De fat 2011

Taking you in the way back machine right now, I just noticed that I had never gotten around to uploading my photos taken at the 2011 Tour De Fat.

I remember I really did not feel like taking photos that day.

It was hot, not like it’s hot every year but that day I was super drained for whatever reason. I remember we left early.

Hopefully Im able to handle the 2012 event.

here are the photos, most of these are of the bike parade. Enjoy.

Riding in the streets.

Pure genius

She was happy

A drummer!

Mom and Kiddo

Girls on bicycles…Enough said.

Another of Tempe’s finest.

Talia & Darrell

Me taking a photo of her taking a photo of me.

she looks graceful.

Waiting at the light. Lots of bicycles.

More bicycles at the light.

Some girls me and Darrell were talking to.

 They were fun.

My 1980 Trek aka Rocinante

And last but not least my friend Miki aka the Mik…


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