I Love The World I See Photo Zine

Finally getting back to normal around here. The month of April seemed like such a blur. First being sick, then my great grandmother. So much time off and now trying to transition back into work is a bit difficult. It’s hard trying to get back into the groove again. Trying to catch up on work assignments and get new ones started. I just need to stay focused and really push myself.

Aside from doing the work that pays the bills. I am trying to focus on working on more graphic work, nothing to important mostly for fun and to relearn a few things. And I also have been trying to decide if I should actually get around to printing the ZINE I was putting together, I had entitled it “I Love The World I See – B&W Photo Collection Vol.1” named after my first photo blog. The ZINE I mostly composed of digital as well as film shots I have taken throughout the years, all in black & white. I was going to get them printed from the printer I deal with at work. I just have to actually finish editing it and get it done. Funny as I haven’t even finishing printing that ZINE and I’m already working on a second issue called “Melted Plastic – A Plastic Camera Odyssey”. So maybe these will see the light of day. Who knows. Here are some spreads from “I love the World I See”.



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