Great Grandmother Eleanor

Sometimes I feel like such a bad person for for stealing moments like this. There is always a fight in my head and heart as to whether I should take certain pictures. Im a recorder of every day life, that includes the good and the bad. It is what makes you grow as a photographer, constantly pushing your boundaries.

This photo may seem sad. But in all honesty it isn’t. It was the last moment that my Great Grandmother Eleanor was able to really comprehend who was around her. A couple of moments earlier she says to me “hey sonny” and smiled at me, those two little words I will never forget. In the last couple of years my Great Grandmother Eleanor suffered from alzheimer’s. I honestly was always so worried that she would not remember who I was and in these last moments of her life It worried me even more. So to hear those two words was just so wonderful.

2 days after this photo at 93 years old she went to be with God and all her family.




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