Bicycle Commuting And Losing Weight

Hello again!

I have been spending more time on the bicycle trying to lose some weight for a friends wedding. I have started bicycle commuting everyday, so far I have lost about 15 pounds and have started to fit into shirts I haven’t been able to wear in a couple of years. I have always wanted to lose weight but would always say I’ll start next week or just totally not pushing myself. So far I have been doing ok, stopped going out to lunch and started bringing my own, drinking lots of water instead of drinking soda, watching my food intake. Just the usual stuff.  And it seems to be working ok.

I have been giving my cameras a break and have been using Instagram to record a lot of the rides I have been taking. It has been super hot at times It would hit 116 degrees and I would still be out there. But honestly it has been worth it. If you want to follow me on instagram I am at @recycled_android


The 3 speed after getting it running again, I was hit on this bike and had new wheels built up for it.

taking a break on a hot day under a tree.

Coffee run before church.

Wet morning ride to work. Yes it rains here in AZ.

I love running my bike through puddles.

I hope you all are well! Till next time!


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