Bicycling On the Reservation

Diabetes is rampant on our reservation and of course doing any kind of physical activity is great at preventing it. Our community districts are small enough riding a bicycle is honestly the best form of transportation here. I don’t understand why more people don’t do it more, in my head it is a great way of preventing the disease.

I don’t know if these 2 gentleman have diabetes but I am always intrigued and happy when I see someone out in the community riding their bikes. So I have started to try and get some photos of community members and their bicycles.

This older gentleman was out to pay his phone bill at our mobile paystation. He apparently rides his bike all around the district, he even rides to mass on Sunday mornings.

He also came to our mobile paystation, Im always happy to see someone out on the reservation riding their bikes to do simple tasks. He was reluctant at first but once I told him I ride a bike also we talked about riding.


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