Fear And Loathing In Vegas, James Style.

Well It wasn’t really that crazy, the reason for going to Vegas was for the Photoshop World 2012 Conference, I actually attended with my coworker Clarice.  Luckily another department from the community was going to be going, my friend Jamie and his coworker Jessica would be at the same event.

I was super excited to actually be able to get out of the state and take some photos. I took in as much as I could during the event and attended as much as the workshops as I could. We arrived on a Tuesday evening met up with my friend Jamie and his coworker Jessica had some dinner then we attended the event all day Wednesday and Thursday. Thursday I was able to get away for a couple of hours to take some photos and Friday we came back to AZ. A short and fun trip.

Here are some that I edited when I got home. I took over 500 photos and I’m sure I’ll find some more to show.

Here we go!

He was actually holding hands with his wife while they slept.

Landing In Vegas

I think this cabbie took us the long way to the Hotel.

The Mandalay Bay where the event was held.

First night hanging at the bar, He was our bartender. Next time I’m bringing my own bottle of Jamesons $11 for a shot and $14 for a double. super Insane, but he was nice.

Late night Pizza. $5 bucks for a slice. She remembered me when I went back the next day.

More people up late at night.

He asked me why I hadn’t taken his photo yet, so I obliged, then I saw him when we were leaving and he said hello again.

Jaime NOT winning…Losing…

Me and Jaime being funny. I’ve known this guy since before High School, One of his daughters is even born on the same day as Chloe my daughter.

We were right across the hall from each while our wife’s were delivering.

RC, Jaime, And Jessica.

RC was a presenter and awesome photographer. See look here

Jaime and a Zombie.

Ok, back to Vegas photos.

Love seeing all the people getting photos. They don’t really know when you are sneaking photos. except that guy.

Loved this one.

Pizza and cards from the strip.

Loved her expression.

They Don’t like their photo being taken. Luckily I snagged this one.

Hot babes direct to you.

Taking photos from the car. the girl looks confused and I love that the driver smiled.

Love seeing stickers plastered all over the place.

Added some of my own along the strip.

Loved the toaster one. and that tvboy sticker was everywhere.

And finally my favorite photo from the whole trip. pretty much sums up Vegas.

Last night in Vegas we decided to dance. Clarice my coworker.

And a random girl dancing with her short friend. Me and the girl danced for a bit.


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