Can Collector

This is one of those shots that I wish I had done different but accept it for what it is.

Me and my wife were on the way to the symphony , we stopped for gas and I saw him collecting can,  I asked my wife for my camera and shot. Only later I realized I had not changed my exposure settings from the morning.

I love the moment, I love that his face is in focus, even though the rest of him isn’t. He wasn’t to pleased with me taking his photo though.


2 thoughts on “Can Collector

  1. this photo is truly honest, and I do I like it. I can understand his uneasiness for not wanting his photo taken, as he is just making his living. I love that his dog with him.

    1. Thanx! Yeah it was one of those moments that I felt should be taken advantage of. I do to love the dog with him.

      thanx again for looking!

      – james

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