New Belgium Tour De Fat 2012

This post is a couple of weeks late but I wanted to get it out there. It was that time of year again that the Tour De Fat made it’s way here to Arizona, Tempe to be exact. We were excited as always and ready to end the summer with a bang.

We had some friends that were supposed to join us but in the end it was the three musketeers as always.

We had a late start and ended up catching the parade as it made it’s way down Mill Ave.

I wanted to wait for some of the bikers to make their way to the park.

Some of our friends joined us. Chris and his son JR.

A self portrait.

Darrell’s mouth was full of food when I took this.

BFF cheek Kisses.

Birthday coins for Darrell.

The stage, the band playing invited people on stage.

They have a area where you can test different bikes the catch is they are not your typical bikes. This particular one was like a tank.

These guys looked cool, and of course their bikes looked cool.

Just some folks having fun.


New Belgium ride. I like these but I must admit I’m a fan of the older original ones.

I really like this bike.

lots of cups left over.

Im working on a friends bike exactly like this gold speedster. I love the color.

Lots of bicycle parking going on in this pic.

Love that Tempe Police Officers even showed up on bicycles!

And last but not least a photo of my lovely wife adjusting her hair.

Thanx New Belgium for throwing a awesome event!!!

See you next year!


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