Black Thursday

Old post but never finished.

Thanksgiving is supposed to be a time of reflection being thankful for those around you, for life in general.  The Holidays no longer echo the feelings of togetherness, now we eat, then wait in lines to get the best bargain for a coffee pot or tv.

After my thanksgiving dinner I hung out with my family and instead of going to find the best bargain I decided to go and take images of the craziness that has now become Thanksgiving.

I went to walmart at about 7:45 and waited for the people to start grabbing the sale items. I also went to target and best buy as well as the mall. But honestly I was too tired to stay out. Here are some of the photos I took.

Here is 8:00 pm at walmart.

Even babies got in the action. Which I think is totally weird.


I loved how this guy totally looked like he had the last DVD’s on earth.

More dvd action.

For some odd reason these frames were very popular.

The customer service reps were in total confusion just like I was. It was useless this customer service rep trying to clean up the area.

more things laying on the ground.

So many coffee pots and crockpots.

and one last one from best buy…


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