Welcome 2013!

Hello 2013! But before that we bid farewell to 2012. I hope the new year is treating you all well so far. Here is how I spent mine.

Usually me and my wife end up staying home then going to bed right after 12:00. Honestly I don’t remember a time we have actually gone out and celebrated we are usually home on New Years we usually eat, watch movies, I toast with a beer or whiskey, my wife doesn’t drink so she usually has apple cider. This year my Mother in law wanted to take Chloe, I reluctantly said ok. I always think it is wrong to keep my daughter from her grandmas. Talia says that it is fine if I say no, but for me it seems wrong.

Anyways, friends were throwing parties but I didn’t feel like driving all across town. Another friend Miki said she was going to a local college bar she wanted a drink and to dance, I was pretty excited about this as I love to drink and dance. You might have noticed that with the Vegas photos. We ended up dancing, drinking, and staying at my friend Miki’s house to 3:45 in the morning. Needless to say we were super tired the next day. Good thing this only comes once a year.


I’ve been sick through the whole holiday season and this is the only thing that has gotten me through it. I prepared a flask full of whiskey, drank a glass with my friend darrell and then put the full bottle in my cupboard, still untapped.


My Friend Darrell and Talia my wife.

Miki I have known her for over 11 years.

Talia my love.

Me and Darrell. Through these photos you will see Darrell become overwhelmed with the spirit of the Holiday!

And me too as the photos start to become unfocussed.

Miki was pretty much feeling the holiday spirit at this point. I like this photo.


More friends. photos becoming unfocussed.

Miki…I really like this one.

Yeah they were filled with holiday cheer!. And I have no idea why Darrell gives the finger when he is happy.

Bartender. He was cool I had ordered a double of Jameson, neat.

Then after that he kept giving me doubles all night when I only asked for singles.

Blurry photo of waitress.

Finally the drive home. Talia always there to drive us home. She survives off cherry cokes.

Coldest night in the valley was New Years Eve. windows were fogging over.

Well all, hope you had a wonderful 2012 now on to 2013!!! Happy New Year to you all!


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