Learning to create new images.

Hello, It’t been some time since my last post, but I do have something cool to share. On my flickr stream I have been uploading more photos, you may have noticed if you look there. Anyways, what’s cool about these photos is these are negatives that I have developed myself.

Awhile ago I had a friend give me a enlarger and film developing equipment, honestly I havent developed a roll since high school and that was in 1998, so it’s been awhile. Finally I worked up enough courage to actually buy the rest of the gear and get to developing. It’s only been about 2 weeks since I started and have worked my way through about 6 rolls. I have been trying to get back in the swing of things, just taking it slow and not really trying to push myself to get a certain look, learning as I go, Seeing what certain cameras are giving me and then learning from the negatives. It’s not hard, but developing different kinds of film requires different numbers, so that has been a bit complicated. Hopefully I can learn from what the camera and film is giving me. Im also scanning these on my home scanner and to be honest it has never given the results I have wanted, but for now it is what I have until I buy a new scanner or start printing my negatives on the enlarger. But as I said I want to be comfortable with developing first before I attempt to start printing. Working digitally comes easier for me since I work in front of a computer and I can understand the workflow. But In all honestly It still doesn’t feel complete If I’m not printing the photos myself, I guess when it comes down to it I’m  a purist when it comes to film.

As for what I have been using to shoot I am using my Leica M6, Olympus XA, and a Konica Pop. These camera’s all have different feelings to them and give totally different results. For film I have been using kodak Trix 400, Ilford Delta 400, Ilford HP5+, Fuji Neopan 400, and Fuji Across 100. I have never really used Across 100 but have seen some amazing results so I’m excited to see what I can capture. As for developer I am using Kodak XTOL 1:1 and Kodak Professional fixer. I know some people don’t really want to know this junk but I thought I would list it anyways. Well to finally get my negatives scanned I am using a old Canoscan 5000F scanner and using a old, old version of Vuescan and working on my files in photoshop. On to photos.


Here is Talia (The Muse) at my friend Ben and Heathers Wedding. This frame is from 2011 I believe, shot on Trix 400 and on the old Canonet QL17 GIII

Legs from the same night. Im a fan of legs 😉

TRIX 400, Canonet QL17 GIII

I went out to check the mail and noticed how the light was, the sun was setting and hitting the sky just enough to get this shot.

I ran in grabbed my camera and took this. I really like this frame, I need to rescan this as it has the weird thing in the left hand side.

Ilford HP5+, Leica M6

Me and my M6.

Ilford HP5+, Leica M6

Mother and Uncle Christmas Eve Night.

Ilford HP5+, Leica M6

One of my favorite frames. In bed with my girls early one morning.

Ilford HP5+, Leica M6

Here is some frames from a different camera called a Konica POP. A weird camera for sure, a point and shoot with 100, 200, 400 film speeds has a flash and glass lens and thats it.

A guy  named Severin Koller  who’s photography I follow has posted photos taken with one of those POP’s I happened to find one on craiglist for 10 bucks so I decided to give it a chance.

I love this frame, each doing their own thing. Kodak TRIX 400, Konica POP

Inside the bookstore that me and my wife call the “Neverending Story” bookstore, It’s right next door to my daughters ballet class so we always end up here.

Bicycle Commuter. I like this one too. The thing is this camera seems to perform better in overcast days. I need to experiment more.

Kodak TRIX 400, Konica POP

Then I took the camera out in normal super bright sunlight and it totally overexposed my frames.

Me and chloe walking to get coffee. I always tend to shoot these lines, for whatever reason.

Kodak TRIX 400, Konica POP

At this point I was trying to finish the 36 frame roll.

Kodak TRIX 400, Konica POP

I thought this frame was a little cliche, but cool at the same time.

Kodak TRIX 400, Konica POP

My Muse again. Another lost and forgotten roll I developed.

Canonet QL17 GIII, Kodak TRIX 400

And another frame on the Canonet.

This just makes me laugh on so many levels. This was probably when we had the cold snap here in the valley.

I think it is funny she has these furry boots on and then her shirt isn’t even covering her and then we see palm tree’s in the distance. AHHH Arizona I love you…

And lastly Here is a couple shots of my Mother-in-law who I love oh so dearly. I love these frames. She is so photogenic.

I really need to spend more time taking photos of her.

And Lastly I had posted about my “ZINE” before, I decided to go ahead and make some copies, If you are interested send me a message or a email. If you want to contribute a couple of bucks for one that would be awesome too. I’m not looking at getting rich or anything off those things. But if you even just want one let me know.


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