Instant Gratification with Instant Film

For awhile now I have been missing the feel of instant film. I had bought some other film for my polaroid land camera that uses sx70 film,  but it became apparent that it was way more costly than what I was expecting. It was cheaper to track down a older land camera and to buy the fuji film.

I was able to track down a Polaroid 100 land camera in a antique store, when shooting it though it gave some light leaks. I have a idea where they are origintiating from I just need to clean it up. The frame of my daughter was taken with a Land Camera 440 that a friend gifted to me, it is in way better shape than the 100. I’ll be using that until I get the other cleaned up.

I was super excited to shoot the black and white fuji fP 3000 film. I love the Neopan 400 and Acros 100 so I kinda had a feeling what the tones would look like, and I wasnt’ disappointed! here are some shots, I cant wait to shoot the color film.


My daughter in our living room. I wanted to see if i could get some nice light from the window… I think it looks ok for a first try. This is the 440



My wife at breakfast, see the light leak. this is from the 100.


My nephew Reese came over for the weekend. Stood him in front of the window too. used the 100.

A friends doggy.


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