What Do A Camera And A Tomato Have In Common?

It has been awhile since I posted anything, much remains the same. Life has been carrying on as always work, cameras, bike, and of course family life. Not that it is a bad thing, cause it is not. Here are some random photos that I have taken, mostly of everyday things as always.

To answer the question above, the answer is the “Konica Tomato” I had found this one at the goodwill for a couple of bucks, I had heard about these cameras and thought it would be a fun camera to shoot with. It has a glass lens so it not a super cheap camera, and from my experience the konica glass lenses produce wonderful images when the focus is right on. I think the best shot is the one of the broken light below, the focus looks right on.

Here is my desk, as you know I spend alot of my time here.

Me and Darrell on our way home from downtown Phoenix, we had gone to a bike event and rode through the not so glamorous part of phoenix.

At the halloween store, I saw this creepy doll thing that when you press the button the eyes light up and it has all kinds of screaming.

Summer snow cones.

Broken car lights, almost looks like the previous polaroid shot.

And lastly, flowers on my bicycle commute home.