Hanging With The Olympus Stylus Epic.

I’ve had this camera forever and decided to run a roll through it to see if it still worked. When I did use the camera it produced awesome photos. I always tend to carry this and my xa in my bag when i’m making my commute to work. Well hope you like the images, and as always thanx for looking at this spot. See you next time.

My coworkers, Duncan and Clarice. I had found this photo on the roll when I had it developed, they were having fun with my camera that day.

Chloe and me waiting for my wife to be done with the shopping.

Pizza shot…

A friend of ours had a petting zoo at her daughters Birthday party, I like this guy. Funny thing about me and goats, they always seem more attracted to me than most people. Honestly I cannot count the times I look at a goat from across a pen and he is staring directly at me, turn away and look back he is a bit closer, then look down and see a goat chewing on my shirt.

Talia, she is in love with all animals and always wants to give them hugs and kisses, this goat was no exception.


One thought on “Hanging With The Olympus Stylus Epic.

  1. Hi james, saw an old post over at RFF & followed over to here. You got some great work here. You show that even the occasional snapshot can be interesting. I followed it down to 2008 I think back when Uber died. I miss all those cool people their. Sorry to read about the death of your Canonet (still have mine) but congrats. on the Leica M. Love the shots from the GRIII. I don’t have a digital but always fancied the GR Ricoh’s. You may not remember me but thats ok. Good to find your blog & are still shooting. cheers, greg

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