Hello all, I’m still alive.

Always shooting photos but never sharing, as always.

Hope all is well in your part of the world.

Here is a quick photo blog.

All photos on either a Olympus xa or xa2.


Earlier this year I took a road trip with my mom to help bury her sister in Gila Bend, we had left at about 4 in the morning and arrived at the church about 7 in the morning.

These were taken afterwards on the way home.  Gila Bend, if you have passed through here you know not much is there.

You might have heard of the Space Age Restaurant, its kinda a tourist attraction.

This is where you check in to get a room.

This place was called “The Bar”, I  know you can’t really see it much but that is what it says up top.

He asked us what time it opened, we told him we had no idea.

This is the old catholic church for the area we were at. They don’t use this one no more since they built a new one, this place was super small.

On the way back I saw this road side shrine of Mary.

The last remaining frames are from around Christmas time, yeah I know super old.

Fake flowers, they still look nice…

This was funny to me.

This guy instead of singing Christmas tunes was actually playing his guitar. I wish I had got a photo of him playing, I really enjoyed hearing him play.

He was taking his break reading a book.

This gentleman was praying over his coffee and donut.

I really liked his demeanor for whatever reason.

Christmas donuts…

No matter how simple of crazy they are I enjoy seeing the different types of woman’s shoes. I find them interesting.

And lastly a tiny jet trail.


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