Vivitar CV35 A Toy Camera

I’ve been using this camera on my bike rides to and from work, It is so small I can throw it in my pocket and forget about it until I need it. here are some frames that I was able to take with it. Actually I have 2 of these things since I have fell in love with them. Not bad for a couple of bucks at the goodwill.


Bike ride home. I like how my lunch bag always stares back at me, this is a home scan.

Here are some other bike photos I have shot with this thing.


Here is a rez pup named Raleigh.

Condom laying on the ground. As you can see it has a weird distortion to the lens,

I really like that.

The customer service food leftovers. Donuts and then chicken.

I had none of this BTW.

More leftovers.

Still on the food shots.

Cactus fruit landscaping on the way home, these cactus sit in front of the casino.

Lonely grocery cart.

Lonely automatic shopping cart.

Always think it is a bit strange when I see a company using a tribes name as the company name.

Here are some shots of people. wouldn’t be a post if I didn’t have some random people.

This has to be the best frame from the couple of rolls I have shot with these cameras.

I love that the faces are so non distinct. Well hope you enjoyed this post!


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