Cell Phone Pics

I find myself using my cell phone for random snapshots throughout my day, usually when riding to and from work.

Sometimes it is easier than having to dig through my pocket and dig out a camera for a photo, here are some of those random snaps.

My lunch bag.



The morning ride in. I was lucky enough to catch a sprinkler spraying me in the face and cooling me off.

The ride home, it was super hot and I stopped at a sprinkler. In the middle of a Arizona summer you can never get to wet.

I rarely encounter people on my commute home going in the same direction as me.

more bike posing.

more bike lane stuff.

I do see alot of dead birds.

rear fender

my rear tire had a blow out so I had to have talia bring me a new one. I like the mismatched wheels. I had stopped in the park to listen to the thunder from the passing storm. I had got caught in the downpour only about 10 mins prior. I love commuting in the rain.

Me after the storm. foggy glasses.

Here is a microburst that I saw. This was right before another opened up over my head.

and finally different bikes in the same spot, I like to waste time with a drink in the park.


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