More Vivitar CV35 Fun

This little camera has become a super favorite of mine.

I love being able to shoot and not really think about the tool I am using, I have always loved that about toy cameras. It gives me the chance to just capture simple moments.


My coworkers shoes, I really liked liked them, in the back they have a white stripe going down the middle of the shoe. I also really loved the movement the wind was giving to her dress.


We went to visit my mom and I decided to finish the roll there.

The last of the days light was casting long shadows and making amazing colors in the sky, the clouds looked amazing in the distance.

The one thing I really miss about reservation living is the evenings, at about this time in the day time seems to slow down and the focus is on the family, evening meals, and just everyday life take over.

The outside world is of no concern.


Old clothes line behind my uncles house which is next door to my moms home. I love how the lens made the frame look off.

This is a old mud house that my mom, her aunt and my uncle as well as my grandmother, and great grandparents lived in at one time. This house is old and is made from old dirt or adobe block.
As a kid I remember the elders would come over to this house pick of the clay and taste it and say that the clay was old and it would remind them of there past.


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