Sad day for the Ricoh GRD III

Hello all, in recent news my computers hard drive finally gave up the ghost in my Mac mini. I have used that tiny computer since about 2007, and also my Ricoh GRD III screen cracked so It just mostly Walgreen scans from here on out until I get my hard drive replaced.

here is some photos from my ricoh before it passed away.

Went to Vegas for a bicycle convention. I was pretty drunk when I took this, Jameson was not nice to me that night.

She was dancing at the Excalibur. She posed for one and then after that she was displeased with me taking photos.

Las Vegas Dancer

my Leica m2

Leica M2

noticed how the light was hitting this ashtray in the afternoon light. I was also waiting for my ride home.

Ash Tray

More socks and shoes.

Socks & Shoes

and the sad screen.

Poor Ricoh GRD III


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