Bike Camping On Black Friday

This post should have came sooner but it never did. So here is my bike camping adventure from Black Friday. This overnight was so much fun. It was pretty awesome to pedal out to the reservation and spend the night by one of our mountains. I have wanted to do this again, but time and being sick has gotten in the way, maybe I can squeeze another overnight in before it gets crazy hot.


Still in town, stopping to take a pic of the load.

Looking down at the front wheel.

Out of town among the fields. I also have this damn smudge on my camera lens.

Miles to go…

Heading to the mountain in the background.

Finally set up.

love this shot. Sun going down.

I used my phone for this pic. Pizza by camp fire, it didn’t work out so well.

Stepped outside to get my whiskey, I was coughing from fire smoke. The whiskey helped a bunch. I also saw the moon coming up over the mountain.

In my selling bag, I could here coyotes in the distance and owls. Temperature was dipping to about 37 degrees.

The next morning. warming water for coffee only to realize I forgot my coffee filters.

Luckily I brought hot chocolate. I was also making instant oatmeal.

Breaking down camp and eating a banana and nutella.

Gravel grinding, I decided to go to my moms house which is about 5 or 6 miles from the mountain. I decided to go their since I had developed a huge hole in my sidewall.

No garmin no rules.

Getting passed by farm tractors.

Finally at my moms and I notice my nephews pillow. In the end my wife came and got me at my moms place, It was a great bike adventure.


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