Road Trips To Sedona

My wife’s work requires her to travel around Arizona. She asked me to go with her on one of her work trips. After her work we spent the weekend hanging out in Sedona.


The road up north. Love these views, so barren but so beautiful.


Rain clouds rolling in, which means cooler weather. I love it!

Selfie time.

Arriving into Sedona. Such beautiful red rocks.

Bath time. They had these bath tubs in the room. She started her bath and I grabbed my camera. She didn’t realize I was taking her photo. This frame worked better in black & white.

Not a super great photo, but I grabbed it non the less.

We took some time for some walking, walks with my love.

Back at the room again watching weddings.

Out again to go get pie. This vest makes me laugh.

My Love, she loves hats. Especially Stetsons.

Tired of me taking photos.

Coming home and back to the valley as you can tell the heat was coming.

Stop for coffee and selfie.


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