About Me


My name is James Jay I first started a Blog in 2006 as a way for me to write about my life and to share what was on my mind.

I have gone through 2 different names for my Blog.

This is my current attempt at it.

I am a Husband and a Father, I am living life in Arizona, I have lived here my entire life. I love all kinds of art, art is my way of expressing myself it is a way of keeping me sane. I hope you enjoy what I have to say, enjoy the art and photos I post.

Say hello sometime.

Thanx for looking


contact email:  recycled.android@gmail.com

Flickr:  www.flickr.com/photos/jameslovesyou

twitter: @jamesj

Instagram recycled_android


3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi there, I’m James Jay from the UK. ^_^
    So I’m guessing it was you who stole all the James Jay gmail accounts, you or that juggler fella.

    1. ha ha ha hello James actually I don’t even have a James Jay gmail address apparently there is someone out there grabbing the good email addys. Probably right about that juggler guy.

  2. Hi James I left you a message on your tumblr but I don’t know if you received it. But my question is, I just got a Ricoh GRD III and am curious as to what image settings or camera settings you use? or do you post process? I really like your photos esp that abandoned dog track you took some shots of. Id really like to hear from other users on what the ideal settings on the camera are!


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