Life In The Desert


Road Trips To Sedona

My wife’s work requires her to travel around Arizona. She asked me to go with her on one of her work trips. After her work we spent the weekend hanging out in Sedona.


The road up north. Love these views, so barren but so beautiful.


Rain clouds rolling in, which means cooler weather. I love it!

Selfie time.

Arriving into Sedona. Such beautiful red rocks.

Bath time. They had these bath tubs in the room. She started her bath and I grabbed my camera. She didn’t realize I was taking her photo. This frame worked better in black & white.

Not a super great photo, but I grabbed it non the less.

We took some time for some walking, walks with my love.

Back at the room again watching weddings.

Out again to go get pie. This vest makes me laugh.

My Love, she loves hats. Especially Stetsons.

Tired of me taking photos.

Coming home and back to the valley as you can tell the heat was coming.

Stop for coffee and selfie.

AZ State fair

My wife, her mom, uncle and Chloe always try to get to the state fair on opening day, mostly they enjoy the fair food the petting zoo and let Chloe ride some rides. I’m usually working, this year I decided to take the day off and go with them.

Sadly the day was cut short when Chloe had a bit of heat stroke, nothing serious. A cool bath at home and lots of liquids helped her feel much better.

I only took a couple of photos as we only stayed for a bit.


Pig races. Those little guys are fun.


Not sure if I really like this one. But oh well, ill share it anyway.


Thats a lot of bacon. I guess it wouldn’t be the fair if there wasn’t any bacon involved.

And finally Chloe loves to ride ponies. Hopefully we can go back and I can take some more photos.

Another Vegas trip

Another trip to Vegas to round out the year. For someone who doesn’t even like Vegas I always seem to spend a lot of time there. This round we went to Vegas for Interbike, the annual bicycle expo. Basically its a bunch of bike nerds gathering to see new products for the coming year. I like this event, this has been like the 3rd or 4th time going, I can’t remember.

well here are some photos mostly bicycle stuff.


Always have been in love with SUB-POP. My next gloves and helmet me thinks.


State Bicycle and The Simpsons collaboration. I love this donut bag!!

Simpsons bicycle kits.

Blackburn Design.

Tough bike and love those camo bags!!

Old bikes converted to touring machine.

Faygo and Detroit Bikes.

Rad Breezer with rad Apidura bags.

MASI and Ortlieb bags. Can you see the theme here? all kinds of bikes loaded with bags.

Tom Ritchey bobblehead.

That rear SRAM cassette!

When you work on the death star but like to ride bikes.

Blocks of aluminum to rad stuff!

Talia with a big jack rabbit.

Hanging out and drinking lots of liquids.

We walked over in the evening to watch the start of the King & Queen of Vegas race at the Luxor. This ended up being a crazy night for me and Talia. We arrived to the bar where the race ended, the girl in the bottom photo asked us to go help pick up her friends bike,  she got hit on the strip and her frame needed to be picked up,  scary situation. She  ended up in the hospital but was ok. I totally did not get pics of the bike but it did happen.

Lined up bikes.

Getting directions and rules for the race.

Make a face.

She ended up winning the womans category.

Ended up walking the strip and a couple of street shots.

This one worked better in black and white.

Leaving Vegas and stopping at the famous sign.

Also made a stop in Nothing AZ.

Well thats it for today!

Las Vegas

I always end up in Vegas at least once a year. This year my coworker wanted me to go to photoshop world, so I went. I figured it would give me a chance to shoot some photos. Here is what I got. Im not to sure about the post processing, I feel they look better in color, But I decided to keep them in B&W.


At the airport. Love the guy in front and at the computer.


On the plane.

Hoover dam.

Pee time.

Mandalay Bay

On the train


Walking the strip.

Back in the hotel. And thats all the photos.