AZ State fair

My wife, her mom, uncle and Chloe always try to get to the state fair on opening day, mostly they enjoy the fair food the petting zoo and let Chloe ride some rides. I’m usually… Continue reading

Another Vegas trip

Another trip to Vegas to round out the year. For someone who doesn’t even like Vegas I always seem to spend a lot of time there. This round we went to Vegas for… Continue reading

Me & Talia

Me and Talia my wife.

Las Vegas

I always end up in Vegas at least once a year. This year my coworker wanted me to go to photoshop world, so I went. I figured it would give me a chance to… Continue reading

New Camera, New Test Shots

New camera so we decided to do a couple of test shots. so far I like it. I will upload more later.


I wonder what was on their minds.