My Lovely Daughter

I never get tired of taking photos of her. My heart breaks every time I think about her getting older, but at the same time I love hearing about her life and thoughts.… Continue reading

Summer Riding

Its been hot out here in Arizona, Summer officially started this week and I’m already over it. I think at this point popsicles are the only thing going to get me through this. The… Continue reading

Backyard Hanging

Just playing in the backyard, drinking some beer and enjoying the day. Raleigh posing for a photo. Chloe’s awesome shirt.

Bike Camping On Black Friday

This post should have came sooner but it never did. So here is my bike camping adventure from Black Friday. This overnight was so much fun. It was pretty awesome to pedal out… Continue reading

Bicycle Rides.

Mostly bike commutes. Just Some whiskey. Donut top cap. Specialized AWOL

Chicago Art Institute

I had film at the camera store for over half a year, I kept forgetting to get it. These photos span 2 different trips to Chicago, some are from when I went for… Continue reading