Teriyaki Chicken Bowl



It’s been way, way to long since I posted anything. a lot of crazy stuff has happened since I last wrote a post. I was in a bike accident, almost went through surgery,… Continue reading

Sad day for the Ricoh GRD III

Hello all, in recent news my computers hard drive finally gave up the ghost in my Mac mini. I have used that tiny computer since about 2007, and also my Ricoh GRD III… Continue reading

More Vivitar CV35 Fun

This little camera has become a super favorite of mine. I love being able to¬†shoot and not really think about the tool I am using, I have always loved that about toy cameras.… Continue reading

socks and shoes

I tend to take photos of my socks and shoes here at the office. Shoe shine, I love shinning shoes for whatever reason I tend to find it relaxing.

Cell Phone Pics

I find myself using my cell phone for random snapshots throughout my day, usually when riding to and from work. Sometimes it is easier than having to dig through my pocket and dig… Continue reading