What The Heck?!?!

I have no idea what happened to my blog, all the photos seemed to have become broken links. I really do not feel like going through them and fixing them. Im thinking I’ll just start with what I have. Hello all..   Advertisements

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It’s The New Year

Its been a hell of a year. Lots of ups and downs, from getting hit on a bicycle to being in a leg brace and physical therapy. Im still trying to get back to normal. Its been hard, but life goes on, happy New Year. Lets do better this year. I had to change the […]

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It’s been way, way to long since I posted anything. a lot of crazy stuff has happened since I last wrote a post. I was in a bike accident, almost went through surgery, and about 2 months of physical therapy. It was a painful and frustrating experience, I still can’t get into it right now […]

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Sad day for the Ricoh GRD III

Hello all, in recent news my computers hard drive finally gave up the ghost in my Mac mini. I have used that tiny computer since about 2007, and also my Ricoh GRD III screen cracked so It just mostly Walgreen scans from here on out until I get my hard drive replaced. here is some […]

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More Vivitar CV35 Fun

This little camera has become a super favorite of mine. I love being able to¬†shoot and not really think about the tool I am using, I have always loved that about toy cameras. It gives me the chance to just capture simple moments.   My coworkers shoes, I really liked liked them, in the back […]

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